For many in our Country the past year has been full of stressors, discomforts, losses and fears of the unknown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is clearly wrong for any of us to place the blame for the global COVID pandemic on any ethnic, racial or other group in our country. 

We denounce all discrimination, hatred and violence towards anyone.  Hurting one of us hurts us all.  It is important for those of us who are not targeted by a particular wave of violence to stand with those who are targeted and to condemn in no uncertain terms wrongful acts such as those directed against members of the Asian American – Pacific Islander Community. We recognize the victims of the recent shootings in Atlanta, as well as all of those that have suffered needlessly at the hands of this hatred over the past year. We also denounce the actions of those inflicting this violence and the actions of a select few individuals in this country that have further contributed to this spread of hate.

We must not remain silent in the face of the wrongful acts directed against the Asian American Pacific-Islander Community, lest our silence be seen as condoning such acts. 

We believe it is crucial for every organization and individual to take a stand against hate and against wrongful acts like those documented in the ……… on a regular basis.

We at MRWC are committed to doing our part to fight systemic racism, individual acts of racism, and other unfair forms of discrimination.