Fish Passage

Fish passage barriers for cutthroat trout and Pacific lamprey are identified through Rapid Bio-Assessments, by the Benton County Fish Passage Project, or by local biologists and landowners. Barriers are addressed before in-stream habitat is improved. Priorities are those barriers that block all passage upstream to winter spawning and summer cool water refuge. Most of the barriers we address are undersized and perched road culverts, and occasionally a small irrigation dam. Most culverts are replaced, but if the “perch” is small and the culvert otherwise in good condition, we may back-water the culvert with large wood or a boulder riffle.

Fish Trapping

The Marys River Watershed Council installed fish traps on Powell Creek, Gellatly at Greasy Creek, Woods Creek, Blair Creek, Enos Creek, Newton Creek, and Dixon Creek to document presence of native fish species. This data helps in planning for future fish passage barrier removal and in monitoring the effectiveness of completed barrier removal projects.

Thanks to ODFW Salmon Trout Enhancement Program and the 29 volunteers who help with checking the traps 3 times a week.